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Every time Bravo introduces a new show, I don’t know whether to cringe or to be filled with excitement! The same was with the announcement of Married to Medicine.

We all have our favorites, or the ladies that we find ourselves “attached” too. Attached as in admiration, or someone we can relate too. Kari Wells, was the one that intrigued me!

Kari was born in a small town in Yorkshire, England. Her father came from British and Italian heritage and was a hard-working engineer and a strict disciplinarian. Her mother was a home-maker, and she came from many generations of perfect British ladies. Growing up the youngest of a large family, she learned early on how to get along with others.

She was trained in ballet and loved to dance. When she turned 16, her dance instructor was instrumental in Kari getting accepted into the Royal Acadamy of Dance (RADA) in London. Kari has done everything from dancing, sales marketing, and modeling!

And now today, Kari still models, is a published author, a Dr.’s wife, and teaches women how to manage their lives!

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October 1, 2014

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