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Not Alone With Anorexia On Bravo’s ‘Married To Medicine’ by Kari Wells

By Kari Wells

I was so excited to get this response from Karenna on Facebook after the “Married To Medicine” segment on Bravo. It’s nice to know we’re not alone and that there are others out there who have gone through anorexia and eating disorders like I have. #married2med @kariwells_


Dear Kari,

I am writing you because I want you to know that someone is in your corner. I too am an anorexic survivor. It almost killed me. At the age of 17 I wound up with blood poisoning and I weighed 83 pounds & even at 5ft that’s not much. The lab tech told my mom my blood was like water there was nothing to it. My fever was over 104 they had to packed me on ice in an attempt to break the fever.

Well thank God here I am today, although I have it under control I still have anorexia with me I don’t think one ever really gets over it I just think one learns how to get control over it and I have learned to be more accepting of my body as well. I know it’s a more complex than that but I don’t have enough room to type it all LOL!

Well any way, I am so proud of you for how you handled yourself! You are a class act and a real lady! The rest should take lessons….\I felt sorry for you though because you were all alone & it seemed no one had your back! So I just wanted you to know that you are not alone. I really admire you.

Hugs, Karenna


April 21, 2013

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