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Happy Mother’s Day

Motherhood is one of the great joys of my life. I think it is for most of us who have children.

No matter our backgrounds, no matter our social or economic or Bravo show status, we want the best for our children. We want them to be safe, to be healthy, to be happy. We want them to spread their wings, leave the nest (eventually—my kids are still fledglings), and grow up into thriving adults.

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And of course, along the way we want to protect them. It is in our motherhood DNA.

But we cannot prevent them from making mistakes or run behind them with our arms stretched out ready to catch them when they fall. What we can do is teach them what we know, things that might prevent a few skinned knees when their little or bad credit when their older.

I strive to teach my children about money, especially because my children are being brought up with the privileges financial freedom affords. Money management is a conversation you have got to have with your children while their young. Even little ones can be taught to save for what they want and to share some of what they have with others. They need to know the cost of the things they want, that iPads do not grow on trees. You are helping your children prepare for the future when you teach them how to handle their birthday money or their allowance.

Financial Literacy Expert Susan Beacham talked about “how to approach allowance” on the Martha Stewart Living Today Radio Show.  One point she made with an online caller was to lead by example, be a model for them—they learn by seeing what you do, how you handle a budget.

Budgets have nothing to do with how little or how much your children have in their piggy banks or the commas you have on your bank account statement. Budgets are like a Global Positioning System (GPS) for incoming and outgoing expenditures.  As a mother, you can be the financial satellite that guides them.


May 12, 2013

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