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With April Ross on the Business of Living, Married to Medicine, & The Pink Monkey

My goal in speaking to women is to educate them in how to live within their means and get out of debt. I help them learn the Business of Living and with what works for their choices, for their life.

The Business of Living  strategy doesn’t mean depriving yourself of nice things. It means protecting your financial self first–by making smart financial choices on a daily basis.

My message: “When you are financially secure, you don’t have to compromise yourself, you are less vulnerable.”

June 7, 2013

High-End Decorating On A Budget

Being on a Bravo show or being Married to Medicine does not mean I live in a museum. Yes, I have a very nice home now, but you do not have to spend a fortune to make your home elegant.  Neither does elegance need to be stuffy. My kids are young and we like to be together as a family, so functionality and comfort are important to me.

In fact, I talked about affordable decorating with Tiffany at Doctors’ Wives Living, a website with a philosophy of living “rich with wisdom” dedicated to all women—not just the wives of physicians. I got to thinking a little more after the interview about some ways that I could help you put together high-end looks for less.

It turns out there is a blog with the same name by Barbara Green, who has international design experience and a design business. She believes, as I do, that “million dollar looks can be accomplished with much lower budgets.”  Barbara features homes from celebrities and from television shows like Million Dollar Decorators then suggests more affordable ways to accomplish a similar look.  There is even a fun column at Style at Home Magazine  where readers try to guess which looks are high end purchases and which ones were a bit more reasonable.

So, now maybe you are wondering: fine, but where do I find great decor at a decent price?

I love to shop at Frontgate especially for outdoor furniture and accessories.  If you are art lovers, as Duncan and I are, you can find some unique art at fairs and antique stores.  I love to get to know local artists and then buy from them directly.   And of course, who does not love Pottery Barn and Crate&Barrel.  Then finally, there is Ballard Designs. Besides rugs and a variety of home decor, they offer a little help on their blog with how to arrange your rooms like a designer.

There is so much on television and on the internet that sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. I hope reading this has inspired you. If you do some decorating and do not mind sharing, I would love to hear about your transformations and savings on my Facebook page.





May 18, 2013

You Cannot Buy Happiness In A Fishbowl

Brew yourself a cup of tea or pour a glass of wine—I have got a lot to say today about Bravo TV’s Married to Medicine  and about what people are saying about me.

I say not one of us can live our life in a fishbowl and expect every side we show to be the magazine cover shot. I expected that much.

Illana Angel wrote in the Jewish Journal : “We have all done and said things that we wish we didn’t, the difference is that it is not caught on film”

I chose to be in the fishbowl and swim with the sharks to become a celebrity yes, but not simply for the sake of fame.  I agreed to put “my life before the cameras,” as Lori Acken from Zap2it says to bring awareness to Thriving Children  and Doctors Without Borders, the charities that are near and dear to me.

What I did not expect was the cattiness of cast members or the level of animosity from the fans—especially Quad’s  supporters who wrote vile comments on my Bravo blog , comparing me to “pure breed dogs” and other hateful things. What I have been experiencing is nothing short of cyberbullying.

I admit that I am no innocent. I have had my slips of the tongue that contributed to what the Hollywood Reporter   calls “negative behavior” in their review of the show. The issue I have is with people who are bitter and mean-spirited. I do not like it when people say unkind things about me, but I cannot stop them or change who they think I am.

Here is the reality whether you are on television or not: each of us wakes up in the morning hair smashed from the pillow, eyes puffy from sleep, and teeth in need of brushing. The reflection we see in the mirror is not always pretty, but the person looking back at you is inside and the real question is do you like who you see, not what you see.

No amount of money can change the person you are inside—money makes life better not you better.  At the end of the day, I know who I am and I like who I am.

I agree with Goldie Hawn, someone who has capitalized on her fame to further her philanthropy: “The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are, and not who people think you are.”



May 15, 2013

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