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Bullying: Face It

Married to Medicine  has wrapped up for the season. It has been a valuable experience in many ways. Although, one thing I learned about that I had not expected was cyber bullying.

Bullying is nothing new. It has been around ever since humans began to intimidate each other. It is a form of survival of the fittest that attempts to weaken another.

Bullies in the pre-virtual world were physical. They engaged in face-to-face sand-kicking, pushing, taunting tactics. The cyber world has extended their punch.  Without the need to abuse a victim in person, bullies are braver, meaner—it is easier to belittle the idea of someone without looking them in the eye. Children who are bullied in school can be devastated by rumors and lies spread through phones and computers.

Also, with social media, bullies are not isolated personas. They have networks.

Bully prevention researcher Dr. Dan Olweus believes: “[T]here  are seven different levels within the bullying ladder: the students who want to bully and initiate the action, their followers or henchmen, supporters or passive bullies, passive supporters or possible bullies, disengaged onlookers, possible defenders, and defenders who dislike the action of bullying and help those that are victim­ized (Olweus, 2001).

I believe that learning to stand up against bullies, to not be a victim, is part of The Business of Living. And while I know I am not an expert in cyber bullying prevention, I am sharing these links from experts for anyone who wants to stop the epidemic:





www.commonsensemedia.org also has a helpful video:

And here is a video for youth from NICK where peers talk to peers:


June 4, 2013

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