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On ‘Married To Medicine,” Paypal Not Mariah’s Friend

By Kari Wells



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I already wrote one blog about how Mariah is using money to manipulate on “Married To Medicine” on Bravo Sunday nights—and how women who want to control their financial destinies need to learn from her mistakes.

So I had to laugh when I read this on the Reality Tea blog:

Mariah informs Aydin that co-host Kari Wells sent her a PayPal invoice, requesting money for damages, and Aydin cannot believe what he’s hearing. A shocked Aydin asks ‘what damages’ and Mariah complains about how they paid for ‘the whole damn party”‘only to be kicked out.”

Mariah, of course, refused to pay a cent for the damn party—perhaps because she had forked over for a Hummer limo and a new car as a gift for her husband.

Money is not the root of all evil, but when you use money to manipulate people it surely is the root of unhappiness.


April 25, 2013

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