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  Actor, TV Personality, Comedian

Kari is a super funny, smart, elegant and well mannered Brit living in Atlanta. This down to earth, British born actress has worked all over the world, acting on many film and television shoots.

Kari trained in theatre, comedy and drama. She stars on Tyler Perry hit series "The Have's and the Have Nots" and The Bravo's hit series "Married to Medicine," as well as many other TV appearances.
Bravo's Andy Cohen, titled her "The Queen of Class," for her immaculate poise no matter the drama surrounding her.

With several movies and many television shows under her belt, Kari decided it would be fun to take on some more challenging roles and comedic characters. Kari recently played an Albanian psychic in the Ghostbuster web series a New York mob wife in the short film "The Grand Prince of Moscow," and a Medical Doctor in the movie "Road to Lyrics." Her comedic training has led to Stand Up performances at The Punchline Comedy club "

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