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FormalI was born in a small town in Yorkshire, England. My father came from British and Italian heritage and was a hard-working engineer and a strict disciplinarian. My mother was a home-maker, and she came from many generations of perfect British ladies. Growing up the youngest of a large family, I learned early on how to get along with others.

We always traveled as a family. I remember my father and mother would take us on long summer vacations to France and Italy. I have fond memories of those travels, and to this day they are my happiest childhood memories. I think it was then that I developed my penchant for world travel, when I alighted on the philosophy that, "One cannot have a narrow mind with a thick passport."

I was trained in drama & ballet and loved to dance. When I turned 16, my dance instructor was instrumental in my getting accepted into the Royal Acadamy of Dance ( RADA) in London. Alas, my dreams of becoming a ballet dancer were short-lived once I discovered that anyone with anything larger than a "B cup" would not thrive in professional ballet. Plus, the expensive tuition would be a burden to my family's already limited finances.

So, off I went to explore the world. After graduation I moved to Greece, where I was hired as a dancer in a comedy show. After six months of latenights handsome Greeks and too much Uzo, I happily returned to England.

Soon after, my sister invited me to ski in the US and that was it: I fell in love, but not with a person. With a city. Aspen.

A Happy CoupleI had never experienced such beauty, glamour, excitement, money, culture, and skiing. Strapping on those skis and tearing down black diamonds became my passion.

I worked as a model and production assistant for "Aspen Productions." But I always knew that my modeling days were numbered and I wanted a career in film and television. Lucky for me, De De Brinkman , the owner of Aspen Productions, took me under her wing, and she advised me to head to Los
Angeles to study film.

After a year in Los Angeles, I returned to Aspen and purchased the company that I used to work for, turning it into a more full-service film & TV production company.

We did everything: casting, location, scouting, production rentals and equipment, crew and talents hiring. It was thrilling but exhausting. I was hired now both in front of and behind the camera, so I had the benefit of learning all aspects of the business. I also started interacting with A-list commercial directors and international clients, so the work became much more cosmopolitan and international. I worked on many commercials for Visa, Jeep, Pepsi, State Farm, Gatorade, Coors, and Mariah Carey, just to name a few. All of the top advertising agencies and directors wanted to come to Aspen and we held the key to making it happen. I was hired to host the TV show, Aspen Today as well as segments for E Entertainment and Access Hollywood.

Kari and Her FamilyAfter meeting my husband I moved to Atlanta and was able to continue my passion in film and television, gaining extensive acting and voice coaching and study stand up comedy.

Atlanta has been title "The Hollywood of the South" and due to the generous tax credits that film companies have been able to benefit from, everyone is heading out here to film.

I have acted in TV shows on Bravo and Own TV networks as well as hosted many shows and events. My dream is to continue to act in film and television and take on different roles. I recently played two comedic roles and started performing stand-up at The Punchline Comedy Club.

I have been lucky enough travel the world and have been exposed to many different customs and cultures. I have taught myself spanish, french and some german.

I like to push to the maximum of my ability and challenge myself with new daily projects. I live life to the fullest and give back more than I take. I always carry with me Gandhi's phrase:"Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

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